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Highlights of Lean Digital Conference


The introduction of modern work assessment as part of lean activities or systematic productivity management is (unfortunately) often not an issue, especially for medium-sized companies. But time and ergonomic data are important in order to know what your own production or assembly is actually capable of. This is the only way to put current time consumption and physical stresses in the right light and to find out where to start in order to do things better. Based on concrete best practices from the industry, the LeanDigitalConference on May 24, 2022 how efficient and ergonomic production systems can be designed and implemented with little effort.

Our highlights:

VR and MTM in the design of the DEHN work systems of the future

Shortening product cycles require faster and more flexible planning processes for manual and automated work systems. DEHN SE is therefore expanding the value stream design with virtual reality (VR) to digitally safeguard processes. Combined with the MTM methods, workplaces can be objectively evaluated and optimized with the participation of the employees in the early planning phases.

After the value stream has been designed, the individual work systems are planned in detail at DEHN SE. Classic cardboard engineering has largely been replaced by VR in order to be able to design as early and as detailed as possible in the virtual space. Combined with the digital product data from the design, the future work system is planned and optimized even before the first prototype. The employees actively shape the work system and experience the future process realistically thanks to the high level of immersion in the selected technology. The result of the virtual planning are efficient and ergonomically designed workplaces including the quantitative evaluation using the in-house DEHN planning time values ​​based on MTM-SD® and EAWS®.

Using the example of a real production line, the work system design using VR at DEHN SE is illustrated and the success factors are shown.

International collaboration with MTM methods at Siemens AG

Efficient and cross-plant cooperation is a key success factor in industrial engineering at Siemens AG. This is made possible by the globally standardized process language MTM-HWD®, which simultaneously provides a chronological and ergonomic evaluation of processes. The success factors for implementation in the electronics plant in Chengdu (China) are illustrated.

In the Chinese electronics factory, stopwatches are being replaced by MTM-HWD®. The aim was to obtain an internationally standardized process language that includes an ergonomics assessment and at the same time reduces the planning effort. With MTM-HWD®, process descriptions are created on the basis of pictograms, which are easy to understand even without MTM expertise and support an ergonomics assessment according to EAWS®. In addition, the relocation of products and productivity comparisons can take place internationally and across plants in the future.

The training of the employees was carried out by the One-MTM network partner in China and shows how successfully the One-MTM network supports companies in the global implementation of MTM-based industrial engineering. In the lecture, both the implementation process of MTM-HWD® and the resulting advantages at Siemens AG in China will be examined in more detail and the potential of the One-MTM network for other companies will be shown. In October 2018, Siemens AG joined the HWD project (2014-2021) as an authorized MTM-HWD® user. This cooperation will be continued in the “User Group MTM-HWD” founded in February 2022.

Lean Assessment - identify resilient potential in assembly with MTM-Easy

Where does the company stand in terms of lean, what potential for improvement and low hanging fruits are there are questions that most companies ask themselves. An initial assessment of the impact on the income statement (profit and loss account) plays an important role for many. In the area of ​​assembly, MTM-Easy can help quickly and efficiently to get reliable figures. This is impressively demonstrated using a practical example.

Lean assessments are a popular product from consulting firms that companies use to get an assessment of the current situation. Preferably within a week and with clear statements on measures and their impact on EBITDA. Classical controlling with its linear and rigid approaches, as well as the focus on short-term thinking, dominates the thinking of most companies. This often poses difficulties for lean experts. For the assembly field, the use of systems of predetermined times is an option to deliver results. However, these are time-consuming and exceed the time limits. With MTM-Easy, an initial assessment of savings potential (degree of severity 2) is possible within a very short time. The digitization and simplification of the MTM approach, in combination with an intuitive user interface, allows a quick assessment of time and cost saving potentials based on best practice values. In this lecture, the simple application of MTM-Easy will be demonstrated using a practical example.

The event will be held in German.

Learn more about the event “Lean Work – efficient and design ergonomically”.

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