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Board newly elected

The general meeting of the MTM ASSOCIATION e. V. elected a new board of directors on October 18, 2023. At the constituent meeting, the board members elected Martin Haselhuhn, Volkswagen AG, as chairman of the board. Joachim Rath and Oskar Heer were dismissed from the board.


The general meeting of the MTM ASSOCIATION e. V. has elected a new board of directors. The confidence received:

  • Michael Berschneider, Dehn SE
  • Prof. Dr. Jochen Deuse, TU Dortmund, Institut für Produktionssysteme
  • Christoph Gammel, Airbus Defence and Space GmbH
  • Martin Haselhuhn, Volkswagen AG
  • Michel Isermann, Hella GmbH & Co. KGaA
  • Dr. Mathias Keil, Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG
  • Martin Rathke, Mercedes-Benz AG
  • Dr. Johannes Wrehde, Miele & Cie. KG

At the constituent meeting, the members of the Board of Directors elected Martin Haselhuhn as Chairman of the Board of Directors and Michel Isermann and
Dr. Johannes Wrehde as his deputies.

Joachim Rath, member of the MTM Board of Management since 2006 and Chairman of the Board of Management from 2021 to 2023, did not stand for re-election. Oskar Heer, formerly of Daimler AG, has also been an honorary member of the Board of Management of MTM ASSOCIATION e. V. since 2006 and was Deputy Chairman from 2008 to 2023.

Prof. Dr. Peter Kuhlang, CEO of the MTM ASSOCIATION e. V., thanked Joachim Rath and Oskar Heer on behalf of the entire MTM community for their many years of work. Particularly in difficult times, both had made a significant contribution to the strategic direction of the association’s work and the worldwide dissemination of the MTM method standard through their tireless voluntary commitment.

“The REAL treasure of MTM”

The outgoing board members look back on eventful times. Joachim Rath particularly remembers the acquisition of the rights to the MTM-1® process building block system, the founding of the One-MTM partner network and the successful transition in the management as milestones in the development of the MTM organization. In addition, Rath praises “the unity and gigantic commitment with which the employees and the management kept the boat afloat during the Corona period. Where we are today with the institute and the academy … great! There are so many positive things that have moved MTM forward.”

Now is a good time to hand over the chairmanship of the board, he says: “The MTM ASSOCIATION e. V. is in a good position, the operational business is running smoothly, the will, the motivation of all board members is there to promote the spread of MTM – regardless of their own company,” Rath emphasizes. He sees the mission of the MTM organization in the future as continuing to recognize and read the potential in companies and to involve the workforce. “That, and the employees who can do it, is the real treasure of MTM.”


The MTM community thrives on cross-industry exchange 

For Oskar Heer, too, a special benefit of being on the board of the MTM ASSOCIATION e. V. is the meeting and networking. This cross-industry exchange is the lifeblood of the board’s work and of the entire MTM community, he emphasizes. Heer advises the newly elected board and the MTM management to prepare themselves for the many socio-political and economic changes in good time. Heer’s recipe for the successful further development of the MTM ASSOCIATION e. V.: “Continue full speed ahead and strengthen the cross-industry growth”.

This year’s General Meeting was held as a hybrid event in the run-up to the MTM SUMMIT 2023. More about the MTM SUMMIT 2023 you can read here.

Pictured above (from left): Dr. Matthias Keil, Martin Rathke, Christoph Gammel, Michael Berschneider, Dr. Johannes Wrehde, Martin Haselhuhn (not pictured: Prof. Dr. Jochen Deuse, Michel Isermann)