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Productivity & Ergonomics 4 Future – International Online Forum


On 29 and 30 August, the International Forum Productivity & Ergonomics for the Future (PE4F) took place for the first time. The free online event was organised by the Mexican MTM Association (member of the global network One-MTM) and was aimed at professionals and managers in production, industrial engineering, ergonomics and IT.

A total of more than 200 participants were registered and an average of around 70 people followed the presentations at the same time on both days of the event.

The One-MTM partner network – available worldwide, one call is enough!

Prof. Dr. Peter Kuhlang, CEO of the MTM ASSOCIATION e. V., introduced the international round with his presentation after a word of welcome from Rubén A. Brocado, head of the Mexican MTM Association, and presented the work of the One-MTM partner network. The goal of the national associations in the network is the uniform application and dissemination of MTM worldwide. The prerequisite is that all MTM trainings are based on a globally uniform training structure. This means that all partners use the same training materials in the respective languages and that the trainings have the same duration everywhere. This ensures the comparability and quality of MTM training. The certificates that participants receive after successfully completing the MTM or EAWS trainings are particularly sought after. At the same time, a considerable amount of research is being done to further develop MTM methods and make them fit for the future, especially through technology partnerships.

Last year, more than 6,000 certificates (MTM and EAWS®) were issued through the One-MTM partners. “This conference is another very important step to become visible on a global level,” said Prof. Dr. Peter Kuhlang. He highlighted how uncomplicated it is for companies to book the MTM trainings. “We are present worldwide on every continent. One call to a MTM organisation is enough and they can coordinate MTM training on a global level if needed.” As all MTM trainings are based on the same qualification process, the same quality is guaranteed in all countries.

The question came from the participants which process building block system should be introduced in companies as a priority. The experts’ answer: the MTM-HWD® process building block system, which combines time and ergonomics assessment and is considered the initiator for the digital application of MTM.

MTM-HWD® – Simultaneous Time and Ergonomics Assessment

For Manuela Ostermeier, Head of Digitisation at MTM Training, the challenge is to really live the MTM standard. This raises the question of how ergonomics assessment can be combined or linked with MTM analysis in a meaningful and most efficient way.

In the past, process description and ergonomics assessment were carried out separately. The MTM-HWD® process building block system now delivers four results simultaneously in one analysis: process description, time, ergonomics and the productivity indicator eHPU (engineered Hours per Unit). “The greatest potential with MTM-HWD® is that we can concentrate on the design of human work; time determination and ergonomics assessment move into the background. Data is recorded using MTM-HWD® via pictograms; codes are not needed here,” says Manuela Ostermeier. The user-friendliness of MTM-HWD® is thus characterised by the easy-to-understand, image-based language.

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