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MTM-HWD® – The all-in-one solution

MTM-HWD die All-in-One-Lösung zur Arbeitsgestaltung

Working efficiently and healthily – with the MTM method standard, the work planners of today and tomorrow have the best tools at their disposal. Prof. Dr. Peter Kuhlang, CEO MTM ASSOCIATION e. V., and Tony Campbell, President MTM Productivity Services Corporation, will share their expert knowledge on ergonomic work design at the Applied Ergonomics Conference (#AppliedErgo2024) from March 25 to 28 in Louisville, Kentucky. The focus will be on MTM-HWD®, the all-in-one work design solution.


The main advantage of the MTM-HWD® solution, which is based on the MTM process language and the EAWS® ergonomics assessment tool, is the integrated assessment of time and ergonomic aspects of manual activities in just one step. This saves a lot of time for the work planner and costs for the company. The application is facilitated by the description of work processes based on pictograms.


Production costs are an important competitive factor for industrial companies in national and international markets. Especially in manufacturing companies with a high proportion of manual processes, labor costs make up a significant part of these costs. The systematic description, analysis and design of manual work processes is therefore an important task in most industrial engineering departments.

USE OF New technologies SUCH AS Human Simulation, VR and Motion Capture 

The first step in the application of the MTM-HWD® process module system is the recording of motion data. In their presentation, Peter Kuhlang and Tony Campbell describe how, in the course of digitalization, new technologies are being used to generate or record human motion data. These include human simulation, VR, and motion capturing. These technologies can be used to design human work in a targeted manner, especially when the work processes under consideration are systematically evaluated in terms of time and ergonomics using MTM-HWD®.

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MTM-HWD® is also available as a module in TiCon, the software solution for the MTM application.
Find out more about TiCon here.