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MTM training 2021/2022: The most important innovations at a glance


The number of MTM training courses completed this year (via MTM ASSOCIATION e. V. and partners) has almost reached the 4,000 mark and is thus almost back to pre-Corona levels. This positive development is mainly due to the rapid expansion of online offerings by the MTM Academy and MTM Institute teams. Here you can read about the most important innovations for this and the coming year:

  • MTM-UAS E-Learning
    MTM-UAS, the world’s most widely used MTM building block system for describing, evaluating and designing human work, has already been available as an e-learning product in German since this spring. From January 3, 2022, the MTM-UAS training will also be available in English via e-learning – bookable like all MTM training courses at training.mtm.org. You can get a first impression here
  • MTM-1 Base E-Learning
    Even outside the German-speaking world, it is becoming increasingly easy to complete certified MTM training online. MTM-1 Base as e-learning is available in German and English as well as in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. 
  • New in-house area on training.mtm.org
    For purchasers of training and further education or for instructors in companies, one innovation is likely to be of particular interest. Analogous to the public training courses, there is now also an in-house area on the MTM Academy training platform. Here you can choose between in-house training with your own instructor or with an instructor from the MTM ASSOCIATION e. V. – and the whole thing in the language of your choice. On this page, partners can find an overview of their current bookings and requested in-house trainings. In addition, new training dates can be requested and further bookings can be made here.       
  • The digital classroom
    Digitization is also a top priority in classroom training, with paper and pencil becoming a thing of the past. From 01.01.2022, all course documents will only be made available in digital form. Participants will be able to follow the instructor’s presentation either at the front of the screen or on a monitor at their seat and also edit their documents digitally at the same time. 
  • Refresher MTM-UAS
    For all participants whose MTM-UAS training took place some time ago, a MTM-UAS refresher course is an option – not to be confused with the extension of the “Blue Card” as part of the MTM practitioner training. All dates for the MTM-UAS refresher course are available at training.mtm.org
  • MTM for students
    You won’t look for “Basic MTM” on training.mtm.org: The offer for students is now called “MTM for students”. New name, new content: The MTM ASSOCIATION e. V. is now making the MTM-1 Base and MTM-UAS training courses available to all students worldwide in e-learning format in German and – from January 2022 – in English. This makes them independent of the time and location of the courses offered at universities and technical colleges. Admission requirements for participation are a valid certificate of enrollment and payment for the training in advance. 
  • MTM and EAWS Practitioners and Instructors Lounge
    This successful format will again be held every third Tuesday of the month in 2022 (German 10 a.m.–11 a.m. and English 2 p.m.–3 p.m.). Ask your questions about the MTM process building block systems, digital as well as face-to-face teaching or get news from the MTM training development forge. Dates and the link to the lounge can be found at mtm.org/events.

    All MTM training courses at training.mtm.org