Machine Learning, MTM und MotionMining

Build Better TARGET Models with ACTUAL Data

How do the digital determination of motion data, AI and the application of the MTM method standard interact to sustainably improve work processes and conditions? At the MTM SUMMIT 2024 and here in an interview, Dr. Sascha Feldhorst, CEO MotionMiners GmbH, and Prof. Dr. Peter Kuhlang, CEO MTM ASSOCIATION e. V., describe smart paths from (subjective) gut feeling to data-based (objective) facts using the example of a parcel delivery service project.

Fahrerlose LKW

Driverless trucks – AI makes it possible

At the MTM SUMMIT 2023, the meeting of the MTM community on October 18 and 19 in Hamburg and online, Michael Wiesinger, Vice President of Commercialization, Kodiak Robotics, Mountain View, USA, will present the latest developments in autonomous driving. Artificial intelligence plays a key role here. We spoke with Michael Wiesinger in advance about his passion for future technologies.

Bessere Performance und Maximalabtaktung

Maximum line balancing with TiCon

TiCon for Windows recently received an update. The established time management software for the MTM application on the Microsoft platform enables the integration of numerous modules such as Ticon Base, TiCon Takt, TiCon EAWS®, TiCon HWD®, TiCon Planungscockpit, TiCon Prokon, TiCon Time Study as well as TiCon Prozessdesign. With the update to version 4.08, the software solution comes with various innovations. They mainly concern the line balancing.