Gap closed: Line Balancing and ergonomics evaluation in one software

AssemblySuite, the planning software for balanced series production from TAKTIQ GmbH & Co. KG, uses EAWS® (Ergonomic Assessment Work Sheet) for ergonomic assessment of manual work systems. With the seal of approval “approved by MTM ASSOCIATION e. V., the MTM ASSOCIATION e. V. has now confirmed the conformity of the ergonomic assessment in AssemblySuite with the requirements and standards defined in the test criteria. The technical evaluation was carried out by Fondazione Ergo-MTM Italia. Italy also saw the first contact with MTM and the EAWS® ergonomics standard, as TAKTIQ Managing Director Dr. Simon Altemeier revealed in an interview.


Augmented Reality and AI in industrial work management

How can artificial intelligence, automatic data acquisition, data processing and data representation and augmented reality technology work together to master the challenges of industrial work in the future, even in medium-sized companies? The research project AI-MDA (“Automatic input processing for MTM-analyses and displaying in augmented reality environments”) should provide answers.


Deutsche MTM-Gesellschaft mbH receives the seal “Innovative through research”

The Stifterverband, a joint initiative of companies and foundations, advises its approx. 3,000 members from business, science, politics and civil society on the core topics of education, science and innovation, networks and promotes the actors. Since 2014, the Stifterverband has recognized the commitment of research-based companies in the further development of the economy and society in Germany with the seal “Innovative through research”. Now the Deutsche MTM-Gesellschaft Industrie- und Wirtschaftsberatung mbH has also received this seal.