MTM SUMMIT 2022 – International Human Work Forum

At the MTM SUMMIT – International Human Work Forum on October 19 and 20, 2022, the meeting place for production managers, industrial engineers, time managers, IT specialists and design engineers, everything will revolve around the design of efficient and ergonomic work systems. The focus this year is on the topic of “Lean Work”. EAWS International Symposium (EIS) on October 19, 2022 is again embedded in the MTM SUMMIT.


SIKO GmbH relies on two specialists in work design

Workplaces arranged in a U-shape, electrically height-adjustable work tables, optimal reach, short distances, flexible provision of materials, individual lighting – SIKO GmbH relies on efficient and ergonomically designed work at the new location in Buchenbach im Breisgau. The manufacturer of measurement and drive technology brought in two specialists to plan and implement modern workplaces in manual assembly: item GmbH, one of the leading providers of modular systems for industrial applications, and Deutsche MTM-Gesellschaft mbH, an expert in prospective planning and design of work systems with the global method standard MTM (Methods-Time Measurement). Everyone involved is convinced of the result: a significant increase in productivity in assembly and satisfied employees.


Highlights of Lean Digital Conference

The introduction of modern work assessment as part of lean activities or systematic productivity management is (unfortunately) often not an issue, especially for medium-sized companies. But time and ergonomic data are important in order to know what your own production or assembly is actually capable of. This is the only way to put current time consumption and physical stresses in the right light and to find out where to start in order to do things better. Based on concrete best practices from the industry, the LeanDigitalConference on May 24, 2022 will show how efficient and ergonomic production systems can be designed and implemented with little effort.


Methodical ergonomics assessment supports added value in the company

The members of the AG Industrial Engineering of the Working Group for Economical Manufacturing (AWF), which was founded just over a year ago, met on 26./27. April 2022 at ERCO GmbH in Lüdenscheid, a member company of MTM ASSOCIATION e. V. The focus was on the current challenges for manufacturing companies and the contribution that industrial engineering must make in the systematic planning and design of work systems if it wants to be perceived as the engine of value creation in the company.


Augmented Reality and AI in industrial work management

How can artificial intelligence, automatic data acquisition, data processing and data representation and augmented reality technology work together to master the challenges of industrial work in the future, even in medium-sized companies? The research project AI-MDA (“Automatic input processing for MTM-analyses and displaying in augmented reality environments”) should provide answers.


Deutsche MTM-Gesellschaft mbH receives the seal “Innovative through research”

The Stifterverband, a joint initiative of companies and foundations, advises its approx. 3,000 members from business, science, politics and civil society on the core topics of education, science and innovation, networks and promotes the actors. Since 2014, the Stifterverband has recognized the commitment of research-based companies in the further development of the economy and society in Germany with the seal “Innovative through research”. Now the Deutsche MTM-Gesellschaft Industrie- und Wirtschaftsberatung mbH has also received this seal.