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New ways to increase productivity

The 2024 MTM China Forum for Industrial Engineering, held on May 16 in Suzhou, brought together more than 130 experts and managers from over 50 companies across China. Attendees and speakers discussed future-oriented digital work design and shared their experiences in combining MTM with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data to increase productivity.

MTM China Forum 2024

The 2024 MTM China Forum for Industrial Engineering on May 16 in Suzhou brought together over 130 experts and managers from more than 50 companies across China. The event was organized by MTM (Shanghai) Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd., and the GAMI Global Advanced Manufacturing Institute & KIT China Research Institute. Participants and speakers discussed forward-looking, digital work design and shared their experiences in combining MTM with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data – new ways to increase productivity.

Mr. Zhang Bin from the Taicang Engineers Association, Associate Professor Zhou Jian, Director of the Manufacturing Development Research Centre of China at Tongji University, and Dr. Guo Mengyu from the Department of Industrial Engineering at Tsinghua University delivered outstanding presentations. They subsequently shared their professional insights and current innovations with the audience. Dr. Li Zhen, Senior Expert of MTM ASSOCIATION e. V. in China, reviewed the history of MTM development in China and introduced the globally standardized MTM training system. He particularly highlighted the progress in training MTM instructors within companies.

Reducing Ergonomic Risks in Manual Tasks with EAWS®

Manuela Ostermeier, Team Leader for Digitalization and Internationalization of MTM Training at MTM ASSOCIATION e. V., presented the development and practical application of EAWS® and the latest advancements of the EAWS 2.0 project. The focus is on the objective and quantitative assessment of workers’ physiological loads to effectively measure and reduce the risk of work-related musculoskeletal disorders.

Dr. Lucas Bretz discussed the key role of software in achieving manufacturing agility during the digitalization process. He demonstrated how intelligent manufacturing software can be used for the efficient configuration and optimization of production systems to increase companies’ competitiveness. Prof. Dr. Lars Fritzsche from imk Industrial Intelligence GmbH showcased the use of the ema software suite in the 3D simulation of manual work and its outstanding results in ergonomic human assessment. He emphasized that 3D simulation can identify potential issues in the production process in advance to optimize design and boost productivity.

Combining the NVIDIA Omniverse Platform and ema Work Designer

Dr. Zhang Yibo presented the innovative application of the NVIDIA Omniverse platform combined with the ema software. He demonstrated how the combination of the two enables efficient collaboration in 3D production line planning and optimization of human-machine collaboration, advancing intelligent manufacturing development. Mr. Liu Guohui showcased actual use cases of 3D human simulation technology in BMW Brilliance production, highlighting its remarkable results in program verification, waste elimination, and reduction of physiological strain.

Ms. Lu Haiyan elaborated on Schneider Electric’s strategy and execution methodology in the supply chain digitalization process. Using examples, she illustrated how digitalization can bring more efficiency and flexibility to companies. Mr. Zhang Jian shared FAW-Volkswagen’s successful experiences in lean production and demonstrated the application of MTM to improve production efficiency and product quality, showcasing the significance and effectiveness of lean production in practice.

Intelligent Solutions for Work Standardization

Mr. Xiang Jianhai discussed the application of intelligent standardization solutions in companies and demonstrated through concrete cases how these solutions can help improve work standardization. Ms. Liu Jingjing and Ms. Yuan Shanrong jointly presented the application of EAWS® at BSH Home Appliances, demonstrating through use cases the performance of EAWS® in ergonomic human work assessment and workplace improvement. Finally, Mr. Jiang Wei introduced the application of TiCon software in productivity management and shared best practices highlighting the outstanding role of MTM’s TiCon software in enhancing productivity and management in companies.

In the exhibitor area of the MTM China Forum, companies such as Jiaze Intelligence, Zoe Technology, item, Linked Data, and MTM Consulting showcased intelligent standardization systems, digitalization solutions, industrial exoskeleton products, and lean work systems. The exhibition not only provided insights into a variety of innovative tools and solutions but also offered opportunities for networking and experience sharing. Many participants also took the opportunity to visit the KIT Remanufacturing Technology Innovation Centre to experience cutting-edge smart manufacturing technologies firsthand.

The organizers of the MTM China Forum 2024 thank all participants for their support and enthusiasm. MTM China will continue to offer high-quality networking opportunities to advance productivity enhancement across industries.

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