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Making success plannable

Making success plannable

More than 70 experts and managers from over 40 companies attended the MTM China Forum for Industrial Engineering at the Shanghai New International Expo Center in early July. Initiated by the MTM ASSOCIATION e. V. and organized by MTM (Shanghai) Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd., the event focused on the application of MTM in the planning and design of production systems. Furthermore, best practices in combining MTM with automation and digitization technologies were given. 

To do a good job, you have to have the right tools

As one Chinese saying “To do a good job, you have to have the right tools.” goes, it is imperative to first equip oneself with the right tools to excel in one’s work. On the Morning MTM face-to-face interaction site, TiCon software with more powerful REST-API function and emaWD software which is closely integrated with VR technology attracted participants’ attention. Furthermore, people fully exchanged views on the functional modules and practical applications of the software products.

In the afternoon, six speakers elaborated on the significance of forward planning from different perspectives. Dr. Li Zhen, Chief Representative of MTM ASSOCIATION e. V in China, introduced how standardized, flexible and internationally unified MTM training can benefit enterprises and announced the official launch of the Chinese version of MTM-1 Base E-Learning. Mr. Lu Shiying from the Business Excellence Center of Shanying International Holding Co., Ltd., Ms. Huang Jingwen from Shanghai Branch, Volkswagen (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Mr. Wang Gang from Qingdao Enoxin Industrial Automation Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Li Xiangyang from Suzhou Jiaze Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd., and Mr. Jiang Wei from MTM (Shanghai) Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. shared their views on the stage. Their presentations covered the application of MTM in manufacturing cost modeling, MTM application in automotive production planning, workbench system compliant with MTM and EAWS®  work design principles, case application of emaWD, and the science of design of TiCon REST-API with examples. To learn more about the experts’ views, you are welcome to visit the China MTM Forum website.

Expert opinions on MTM application:

“Constructing transparent and objective basic time data through MTM pre-planning is the foundation for establishing an efficient production system.” Huang Nanxiang, Shanghai New Power Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. 

“Our experience is that by applying MTM in combination with EAWS® , we can achieve a double balance of improving process efficiency and reducing labor load at the same time in the work planning stage.” Fu Chunqiao, Schaeffler (China) Co., Ltd. 

“The training and certification of the MTM ASSOCIATION e. V. plays an indispensable role in the development of qualified professionals, which is essential for the correct application of MTM.” Zhang Jian, FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd. 

 “MTM is an important part of Schneider Electric’s Performance System (SPS), and the continuous development of the corresponding software tools enables this classic method to create new value in the digital and intelligent transformation of companies.” Lu Haiyan, Schneider Electric (China) Co., Ltd. 


If you have any questions or suggestions about the content of the forum, please feel free to contact us, and you can also follow the 2023 MTM SUMMIT & International Human Work Forum to learn about the cutting-edge development of MTM: