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Update for Ticon for Web

TiCon for Web Software solution

One month ago, the first of four annually planned updates for TiCon for Web, the cloud-based software solution for the MTM application, went live. The web application evaluates work processes, displays value-adding and non-value adding time components, and thus enables the user to easily and quickly derive measures to increase efficiency.

TiCon for Web is developed by our Digital Solutions Team in Dresden and now comes up with a number of new features. Great added value is offered by the integration of the process building block MTM-UAS®, MTM-MEK® (one-of-a-kind and small variable batch production), MTM-VI® (Visual inspection) and MTM-LOG® (Logistics). As a result, the software can now effectively support cross-industry use cases for our customers and can also be used in almost all of our training offerings.

NeW Features OF The TiCon for Web Solution

TiCon for Web Auswertung Kategorien

  • With the new tab “Times” it is now possible to make a detailed analysis of the time types. The entry of individual surcharges is possible at all levels.
  • Within the framework of the subsequent evaluation, qualitative statements on analyses up to entire work plans can now be made better and faster. In this way, the feature completes the analysis according to value-added categories.
  • The size-adjustable sidebar ensures efficient work with the data cards.
TiCon for Web Datenkarte MTM-UAS


TiCon for Web is available in German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Hungarian, Italian and Polish. “This is not only a benefit for the users of the software solution, but also for the participants of MTM trainings all over world,” says Dr. Thomas Finsterbusch, head of MTM-Academy. The rising booking numbers prove him right and once again the succesful cooperation between the team of Manuela Ostermeier, head of Digitization and Internationalization of MTM Training, and the colleagues from the business unit Digital Solutions of the Deutsche MTM-Gesellschaft mbH.  


The goal is to continuously develop TiCon for Web into a powerful product that reflects customer needs, emphasizes Torsten Hofmann, Team Lead Sales. “That’s why we would like to invite every interested party to convince themselves of the new features of TiCon for Web via a test license. Simply register at and test TiCon for Web free of charge for 30 days.” 

For further information regarding the update for TiCon for Web please contact the team of the business unit Digital Solutions,

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